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Assessments, Certificates, and Transcripts

As you learn, it's important to test your understanding of the course material along the way. This will help you validate your progress and your understanding of key concepts being taught. We've designed our course assessment experience to do just this.

Plans that include this feature

  • Monthly Plus
  • Annual Plus

Course Assessments

  • An assessment is simply a timed test that validates the user's understanding of the main course concepts. You can take an assessment both before (pre) and after (post) watching a course.
  • Pre-assessments measure what you know before investing the time to watch a course. This allows you to "test out" of a course if you already know the material.
  • Post-assessments measure what you've learned after watching a course. Taking a pre- and post-assessment helps you measure your progress and learning results.
  • In order to 'pass' a course you must achieve 70% or higher on the course assessment.
  • In corporate environments, training managers can track what courses employees are watching and, more importantly, what they are understanding. They can see this through corporate reports that show assessments results by course or user.
Assessment screenshot


  • Once you pass an assessment with a score of 70% or higher, you can print an official course certificate.
Certificate screenshot


  • Your official Pluralsight transcript will show all of the courses you've passed and courses you are working on but have not yet passed.
  • You can access your transcript by clicking on Your transcript in the user profile menu above.
  • Your transcript also provides easy links for re-taking an assessment and viewing certificates.
Transcript screenshot