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Indexing, Querying and Analyzing Text with SQL Server 2012-2014

Working with textual data in SQL Server involves indexing, querying and analyzing texts. Improve transactional and analytical applications with Full-Text Search and analyze texts with Semantic Search and Text Mining.

Authored by: Dejan Sarka
Duration: 2h 48m
Level: Intermediate
Released: 2/7/2014
Course Rating:
It is hard to imagine searching for something on the Web without modern search engines like Bing or Google. However, most contemporary applications still limit users to exact searches only. For end users, even the standard SQL LIKE operator is not powerful enough for approximate searches. In addition, many documents are stored in modern databases; end users would probably like to get powerful search inside document contents as well. Text mining is also becoming more and more popular. Everybody would like to understand data from blogs, Web sites, and social media. Microsoft SQL Server in versions 2012 and 2014 enhances full-text search support that was substantially available in previous editions. Semantic Search, a new component in Full-Text Search, can help you understand the meaning of documents. Finally, the Term Extraction and Term Lookup components from SQL Server Integration Services also helps with text analysis.

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Dejan Sarka, MCT and SQL Server MVP, is an independent consultant, trainer, and developer focusing on database & business intelligence applications. His specialties are advanced topics like data modeling, data mining, and data quality.