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Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) in .NET

Learn about a tracing system that is dead simple to code, already contains much of what you want to trace and is so blazingly fast you can leave it in place while your code runs in production. This course shows you how to harness ETW (Event Tracing for Windows), .NET’s EventSource and Semantic Tracing design.

Authored by: Kathleen Dollard
Duration: 2h 47m
Level: Intermediate
Released: 2/4/2014
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Teach your applications to communicate while they are in production! Event Tracing for Windows is a blazingly fast logging system built into the operating system, .NET and many libraries. This course will teach you how to access thousands of events your applications are already producing and add signpost events with application state decoupled from tracing technology with Semantic Tracing. You’ll see the latest in tracing technology for .NET with EventSource, the Semantic Logging Application Block, and the newly released NuGet versions of EventSource. You’ll learn to add logging to your apps, use existing tools and create new ones, and access Event Viewer, all in the context of better debugging, profiling and application management.

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Kathleen Dollard is a .NET Team Coach, has been a Microsoft MVP since 1998, and is an <a href="">ASP.NET</a> Insider.