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Kenny Kerr

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Kenny Kerr is a computer programmer and recognized expert in Windows operating system development and programming languages. Kenny has published numerous articles about the Windows operating system, network security, and C++ for MSDN Magazine as well as other publications. Microsoft has recognized Kenny’s expertise in network and operating system security with the Microsoft MVP Award for security. He has also held the Microsoft MVP Award since 2007 for his contributions to the C++ development community.
Kenny Kerr's MVP Profile

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
10 Practical Techniques to Power Your Visual C++ Apps Kenny Kerr Intermediate [07:14:22] 10 Dec 2013
C Programming Language Fundamentals Closed captions Kenny Kerr Beginner [01:26:28] 4 Sep 2012
Direct2D Fundamentals Closed captions Kenny Kerr Intermediate [03:25:21] 29 Nov 2012
Direct2D Fundamentals - Part 2 Closed captions Kenny Kerr Intermediate [03:15:18] 15 Feb 2013
Modern C++ Concurrency Kenny Kerr Intermediate [04:33:24] 15 Oct 2013
Modern C++ Libraries Closed captions Kenny Kerr Intermediate [04:01:43] 28 Aug 2013
The C Programming Language in Action New course Kenny Kerr Intermediate [04:12:51] 10 Mar 2014
The Essentials of COM Closed captions Kenny Kerr Intermediate [03:01:39] 14 May 2013
The Essentials of COM - Part 2 Kenny Kerr Intermediate [03:41:06] 12 Jul 2013