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Julie Lerman

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Julie Lerman is the leading independent authority on the Entity Framework and has been using and teaching the technology since its inception. Julie is the author of the highly acclaimed books "Programming Entity Framework", "Programming Entity Framework CodeFirst", and the upcoming "Programming Entity Framework DbContext". She is well known in the .NET community as a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider and INETA Speaker. She is a prolific blogger, a frequent presenter at technical conferences large and small around the world, including TechEd and DevConnections and she writes articles for many well-known technical publications, including authoring the Data Points column in MSDN Magazine.

Julie lives in Vermont where she has run the Vermont.NET User Group since 2002 and was a founding board member of the Vermont Software Developers Alliance.

Julie Lerman's MVP Profile

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
Automated Testing for Fraidy Cats Like Me Closed captions Julie Lerman Beginner [01:27:17] 22 May 2013
Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1+ Closed captions Julie Lerman Intermediate [01:54:07] 8 Feb 2012
Designer Supported EDM Customization Julie Lerman Intermediate [02:05:30] 6 Jan 2011
Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals New course Smith , Lerman Intermediate [04:16:27] 25 Jun 2014
Entity Framework 4.0 By Example Julie Lerman Beginner [02:18:57] 27 Aug 2010
Entity Framework 4.1 - Code First Julie Lerman Intermediate [01:58:49] 18 Jun 2011
Entity Framework 4.1 - DbContext Data Access Julie Lerman Intermediate [01:21:34] 27 Sep 2011
Entity Framework and Data Models Julie Lerman Intermediate [01:32:00] 5 Nov 2010
Entity Framework Code First Migrations Closed captions Julie Lerman Intermediate [01:09:55] 6 Mar 2012
Entity Framework in the Enterprise Closed captions Julie Lerman Intermediate [03:16:03] 19 Sep 2012
Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 Closed captions Julie Lerman Intermediate [04:23:51] 6 Mar 2013
Querying the Entity Framework Julie Lerman Intermediate [01:22:36] 28 Feb 2011