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Dan Benjamin

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Dan is a broadcaster, writer, software developer, designer, and ex-corporate stooge. He is the founder of 5by5, an Internet broadcasting and podcast network where he hosts a handful of shows with people like Merlin Mann, John Siracusa, Marco Arment, and Jeffrey Zeldman. He is the author of Bacon Method and Hivelogic, and has written for A List Apart and O’Reilly. Many of Dan's screencasts live at PeepCode. He has been coding for almost two decades, making things like the Email Address Enkoder, the A List Apart CMS, the 5by5 CMS, co-founding Cork’d, and creating Playgrounder. The latter two have since been acquired by Gary Vaynerchuk and Uncrate, respectively.

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
Meet Mercurial Dan Benjamin Beginner [00:52:48] 10 Jul 2010
Meet Sinatra Dan Benjamin Beginner [01:04:24] 12 Oct 2009
Meet the Command Line Dan Benjamin Beginner [01:53:40] 28 May 2009