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Pluralsight Authors

Our authors are the core of our training—with decades of experience in IT administration, software development, research, writing, speaking, and professional training. They are recognized as authorities on emerging and current technologies. They influence our industry through books and inspire us at conferences. We call them authors. You can now call them your sensei.

Aaron is a Ruby committer, Rails committer, and wildly popular keynote speaker.

Aaron is a Senior Developer and Technical Web Specialist with Readify and Microsoft MVP for Internet Explorer Development. Aaron focuses mainly on front-end web development, with a passion for JavaScript.

Aaron is a co-founder of Pluralsight where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Aaron has authored numerous Pluralsight courses in the areas of Azure (cloud computing), WCF, Web services, XML and BizTalk Server. Over the years, Aaron has written numerous articles, whitepapers, and books and he's a contributing editor with MSDN Magazine where he authored The XML Files and Service Station columns for years. Aaron frequently speaks at industry events including TechEd, PDC, and VSLive!

Abhishek Kumar is a software architect and developer in India. His work focuses on developing enterprise level applications for process industries. He loves to learn, to experiment, and to share new technical topics.

Adam enjoys solving problems and increasing efficiencies through technology. He is a Microsoft systems consultant currently employed as a ConfigMgr and Active Directory administrator. He loves scripting and automating processes with PowerShell as well as teaching others how to do the same.

Adam Churvis is a software developer and quality assurance specialist with over twenty-five years of software industry experience. He is the President of Productivity Enhancement, a consulting, development, and testing firm. He works throughout the Microsoft stack but follows cool tech wherever it shows up, especially in robotics. Adam has co-authored three books on computer technology and has spoken at user groups throughout the United States.

Adam Grocholski is a Technical Evangelist and Partner at RBA Consulting in Minneapolis, MN as well as a Microsoft MVP in client application development. He can usually be found talking to anyone who will listen about Silverlight, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure.

Adam Purkiss is the Principal Architect at MondayCall Solutions in San Francisco. He spends most of his time designing and developing software in Apex and Visualforce and has been deeply involved in the community since 2008.

Adam Tuliper is a Software Architect specializing in WCF, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MVC, C#, jQuery, and Silverlight with a strong emphasis on security. He is a top rated INETA Community Speaker, MSDN Magazine Author, national conference presenter, and regularly speaks at .NET User Groups and code camps.

I’m a jovial, proactive, polyglot, test & code, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder and distributed systems advocate. I run the gamut of dev stacks from Ruby on Rails, Node.js and .NET. A favorite these days is JavaScript and I'm diving into some Erlang even.

Ahmad is a Data Architect specializing in the implementation of high-performance data warehouses and BI systems and enjoys speaking at various user groups and conferences.

Alan Ackmann teaches business and technical writing in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Department at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Alan is a developer at Relevance, where he specializes in web applications. He is a frequent contributor to the Clojure language, and has also contributed to several popular Clojure libraries. At Relevance, he's built Clojure software for a range of clients, in domains ranging from online gaming to network security.

Alan Smith is a Windows Azure developer, trainer, mentor and evangelist at Active Solution in Stockholm. He has a strong hands-on philosophy and focusses on embracing the power and flexibility of cloud computing to deliver engaging and exciting demos.

Alex Korban is an independent consultant with an interest in Ruby, CoffeeScript and C++. He has written a book called C++11 Rocks. He's worked on a variety of projects including a flight simulator, automatic guidance of bulldozer blades, GPS fleet tracking and even software controlled machines which lay concrete kerbs.

Alex works as a Software Development Lead. He runs the non-profit conference & wrote the books: Introducing .NET 4.0 & Introducing .NET 4.5 for Apress. When he’s not in front of a computer he enjoys CrossFit & cat videos.

Alex has been in software development for over fifteen years. He's worked on a wide variety of systems and languages including web frameworks, databases and networking applications. Since the original iOS SDK was released in 2007 he has focused on iOS development.

Alexander Wechsler has been working many years doing project and partner management for customers in the enterprise and embedded market. Many of his projects turned into showcases for the successful use of modern software technology.

Alexander has been an IT Instructor, Developer, and now President at SocialPlay inc.

Amber MacArthur (AKA Amber Mac) is the President of Konnekt Digital Engagement ( and the bestselling author of Power Friending, a social media guide for business professionals.

András is passionate about user experience, working mostly with XAML technologies. He is an author, Ineta speaker, Nokia Developer Champion and 6-time Microsoft MVP awardee, currently in the Kinect for Windows expertise. He conceptualized and worked on well-known Windows Phone apps, such the hit game SongArc and SurfCube 3D Browser.

Andreas Öhlund is the lead developer for the popular open source service bus NServiceBus.

Andrew has worked in technology for 25 years, specializing in application development, databases and business intelligence. He is the author of the ZDNet blog "Big On Data", and has been a columnist and conference speaker since the mid-90s, and a technology author and blogger since 2005. Andrew is also Founder and CEO of Blue Badge Insights, an analysis and strategy firm serving Microsoft customers and partners.

Andrew Connell is an independent consultant that enjoys development, writing and teaching. Andrew is an eight-time recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award (2005-2012) for Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) and Microsoft SharePoint Server. You can find Andrew on his blog (, follow him on Twitter @andrewconnell or email him at

Andrew is a committed evangelist of the Linux Operating System and the concept of community and freedom that it provides. He has worked as a technical trainer since 1995 and has taught throughout the world, including Australia, the US, Germany and Eastern Europe. Andrew started teaching Linux in 2004 when Novell acquired SUSE and has been a long time supporter of Novell and provides SYSOP support the the Certifed Novell Instructor community on Linux. Andrew founded theurbanpenguin and has been submitting video training material to his YouTube channel since 2009 and currently has over 8,500 subscribers and 1.6 Million views. Andrew has had two publications with Packt: Citrix Access Gateway VPX Essentials (2012) and Citrix XenApp (2013).

Andrew has written lots of software in a variety of languages over more than a decade. The one constant has been Vim, his trusty text editor. To everybody's surprise he is now in the fashion industry; as a fashion professional he can say, "Fashion changes, Vim remains."

Angela "webchick" Byron is the lead author of O'Reilly's first Drupal book, Using Drupal, and a Drupal core maintainer.

Antonio is a senior software architect living in Paris.

J. Ashley Hunt, PMP, MCAS is an accomplished learning professional with a broad base of experience ranging from Project Management, Public Speaking, Live E-Learning, Classroom Training, Course Development and Professional Development spanning over 15 years.

Austin is a founding director of Sixty North, a software consulting, training, and application development company. He's a native of Texas but currently lives in Norway where he writes software, runs a local software interest group, and presents and teaches whenever he can.

Dr. Salter is a consultant, writer and technical trainer with over 20 years of industry experience in deploying networks and managing IT operations.

Oren Eini is an independent consultant based in Israel. His main focus is on architecture and best practices that promote quality software and zero-friction development.

Bart is a software engineer building massive scale data processing systems at Microsoft. His areas of expertise include programming languages, runtimes, reactive programming, and databases. Prior to joining Microsoft, Bart was an MVP for C#. Bart is a popular speaker at various conferences and the author of a few C# books.

Ben is President of Sparkbox and co-founder of the Build Responsively workshop series. He is a pioneer in the field of responsive design and device-tailored experiences.

Ben Galbraith, together with his long-time friend Dion Almaer, forms one-half of the dynamic "Ben and Dion" duo that founded

Ben is the author of babushka, a tool for writing and sharing recipes to automate computing chores, and knows his way around git, on which he runs workshops around Australia.

Ben is a Microsoft Project and Project Server consultant with over 20 years of implementation experience. He has been a Microsoft MVP for 5 years, and as well as blogging on various Project Server scenarios, has articles published on the Microsoft Project User Group (MPUG) and is the author of Microsoft Project 2013 Plain & Simple.

Ben Orenstein is a developer with thoughtbot in Boston, speaks regularly at conferences, and hosts a weekly technical podcast discussing development, design, and the business of software development, "Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots."

Ben Scheirman is Director of Development at ChaiONE in Houston, TX. He enjoys writing great software using Ruby and Objective-C, and regularly speaks at developer conferences all over the world.

Ben Schwarz is an independent web developer in Australia.

I work as a feedback mechanism for organizations and teams to help them understand what’s going on with their products and processes. I do this by collecting and organizing their data, visually exploring it, enriching it with other data and metrics, then presenting my findings using creative information design techniques. This leads to improved business performance and often sparks a data-driven culture throughout my clients organizations.

Serving a two-year tour of duty as an inner city high school teacher at Roberto Clemente High School, Benjamin motivated at-risk students to achieve excellence and learned how to teach high level concepts in a rubber-meets-the-road fashion.

Benjamin Day is a consultant and trainer specializing in software development best practices using Microsoft-based technology. He is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP, a certified Scrum trainer via, and a speaker at conferences such as TechEd, DevTeach, and VSLive. He can be contacted via

Benson is an expert in algorithms and functional programming, and is passionate about Haskell. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Bill Gurling has been working in IT infrastructure for 7 years and has held many roles including systems, network, and database administration.

Bill Kulterman is a full time Author at Pluralsight and an MCT. He has been a trainer for more than a dozen years educating students in everything from Acrobat to Visio.

Bill has implemented enterprise business intelligence systems over the years for many Fortune 500 companies, focusing his practice upon the integrated Microsoft business intelligence solution. He leverages his years of experience with other enterprise OLAP and reporting applications (Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal, etc.) in regular conversions of these once-dominant applications to the Microsoft BI stack.

Bill is the Senior Director of UI Engineering at PayPal. He's been building interfaces since 1985 and is the author of Designing Web Interfaces.

Bill is a Microsoft MVP, a Software Engineer at the Pasadena-based Drexnotes startup and the creator of Dotnetweekly. He has over 7 years of experience in building Web Applications and is excited to learn and teach technologies as they develop/mature in the ever-changing world of the web.

Billy in an internationally known author and speaker. He offers consulting and training services for user experience design, end-to-end architecture, and presentation tier construction and development. You can see Billy at major conferences all over the world, usually doing sessions to help developers to become more focused on user experience design.

Bo is a senior software developer from Serbia who is deeply involved with Python. In the past years, Bo has taught several courses online and offline at various universities.

Bob Beauchemin is a database-centric application practitioner and architect, instructor, course author, writer, and Developer Skills Partner for SQLskills. He is lead author of the books "A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005" and "A First Look at SQL Server 2005 For Developers", author of "Essential ADO.NET" and has written articles and whitepapers on SQL Server and other databases, database security, ADO.NET, and OLE DB for MSDN, SQL Server Magazine, and other publications.

Bobby Meador is a Senior Network/Security Engineer with 14 years’ experience supporting enterprise level networks. He is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining security solutions across many fortune 100 enterprise clients. He is an expert on all aspects of Check Point Software security solutions and holds the Checkpoint Certified Master Architect certification.

Boris is a SQL Server MVP, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger and DBA coming from Bulgaria. He is also a presentation skills expert, time management fanatic and the host of SQLHangouts.

Technologist. Agile Evangelist. Poker Player. Amateur Neologist. Metalhead. Fire Child. Brad worked at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team for 7 years - recently leaving to join a private company in California.

Brandon is a CCIE (Security, #23837), Cisco Press author, and has over 13 years experience as a Cisco Instructor.

Brendan Enrick is a Principal Software Engineer with Clear Measure, focusing a great deal of his time on agile and software craftsmanship methodologies. Brendan is a strong proponent of strong development communities. Along with two other community members, Brendan helped found the Hudson Software Craftsmanship user group in 2009.

Brendan started programming in C on MacOS 7.5 and since then has done everything from embedded systems programming to writing web apps.

Bret is a consultant based in Ramona, CA. Bret has over 20 years of experience in the IT field, and over a decade of experience as a trainer. He is a published author having contributed to multiple Syngress publications. He is also frequent speaker at regional events such as Code Camps and user groups. He focuses primarily on SQL Server, but is an expert in .NET development as well as SharePoint development, configuration and administration.

Brian is an energetic trainer and consultant with nearly 20 years of technical experience in datacenter management and design. As a virtualization instructor, Brian spends much of his time discussing the impact and intricacies of Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Software Defined Storage (SDS).

Brian has worked in the IT field for over 10 years in design, development and infrastructure roles.

Brian Lagunas is a Microsoft MVP, a Microsoft Patterns & Practices Champion, Director of Technology for INETA, co-leader of the Boise .Net Developers User Group (NETDUG), board member of Boise Code Camp, speaker, trainer, author, and original creator of the Extended WPF Toolkit.

Brian Morearty is a Ruby on Rails consultant and an entrepreneur. He is the former Tech Lead on the QuickBooks UI at Intuit, and was a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle. He has a Computer Science degree from UC Berkeley. He is not Sherlock Holmes' evil genius arch-enemy.

Brian Noyes is CTO and Architect at Solliance, an expert technology solutions development company. Brian is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, and specializes in rich client technologies including XAML and HTML 5, as well as building the services that back them with WCF and ASP.NET Web API.

Brian has been an IT professional for over 10 years in various customer-facing consultancy and technical administration roles. He specializes in VMware virtualization, networking, and storage technologies. He currently works as a vSpecialist for EMC serving as a technical advisor on virtualization and storage products.

Brice has been a professional developer for over 20 years and loves to experiment with new tools and technologies. Web development and native iOS apps currently occupy most of his time.

With over 25 years of computing experience at Digital, Compaq and HP, Bruce is a well-known resource for resolving highly complex problems involving clusters, SAN’s, networking and internals.

Bryan is the Java Practice Manager of Software Technology Group a consulting company based out of Salt Lake City.

Calvin Correli is the creator of zenbilling, and a spiritual mentor to entrepreneurs.

Carlos Figueira is a Senior Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft on the Web Platform and Tools team. Carlos has worked with WCF team for over 5 years, and has been an active member of community forums for WCF.

Casimir Saternos has been developing software for the past decade. He has written a number of articles that have appeared on the Oracle Technology Network and collaborated on several projects for PeepCode screencasts (now Pluralsight).

Chad McCallum is a software developer with 7 years of .NET experience. After graduating from SIAST Kelsey Campus, he's come back to his hometown and started HackREGINA, a hackathon aimed at strengthening the developer community while coding and drinking beer. Currently focusing on single-page applications with JavaScript.

Charles is Senior Architect at DNN Corporation, where he currently leads the team that develops the open source DNN Platform. Charles is an ASP.NET MVP and a member of the ASPInsiders, and he is a frequent speaker at developer conferences and user groups.

Chiu-Ki is a mobile developer with a passion in speaking and teaching. Her mother tongue for mobile is Android, acquired while working on Android Maps at Google. Now she runs her own mobile development company to produce delightful apps, and speaks at various conferences to share her knowledge.

Dr. Chris Brown has been using UNIX as a software developer and system administrator since its pioneering days over 30 years ago, and has used Linux professionally and at home for about 10 years.

Chris Frisch is a network engineering consultant specializing in Juniper products and network security. Chris has a broad range of networking and systems experience ranging from Juniper SSLVPN appliances, Avaya VSP core routing switches, Aruba and Aerohive Wireless, to enterprise MFT software, Linux administration, vulnerability assessments and IOS enterprise deployment.

Chris has been a web programmer (PHP mostly and just enough Javascript, Perl, Python and Ruby to get himself into trouble) since 1998. He is now encouraging maintainable code and testing practices.

Chris is a freelance WordPress theme and plugin developer, one half of the design studio Arcane Palette Creative Design, lead developer of WordPress theme shop Museum Themes and Project Manager for the event management plugin Event Espresso. In his free time, he makes electronic music.

Chris Simmons is a 20+ year veteran software architect & developer with experience across multiple platforms, industries, and technologies. He specializes in Microsoft.NET web technologies and IBM iSeries systems integration. Chris is presently employed as a software architect at a Colorado based software products and solutions provider.

Chris has acquired over a decade of IT experience in enterprise infrastructure design, implementation, and administration. He has provided architectural and engineering expertise in a variety of virtualization, data center, and private cloud based engagements while working with high performance technical teams in tiered data center environments.

Christian Weyer is a well-known veteran in designing and implementing distributed applications architectures. With his company thinktecture he has been focusing on end-to-end aspects of distributed software systems in the past 16 years. His toolset includes technologies like ASP.NET, WCF, or Windows Azure. These days he is rather a friend of lightweight architectures based on Web APIs and Push Services.

Christopher Harrison is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, focusing on SharePoint and SQL Server. He's the owner and Head Geek at GeekTrainer, Inc.

The founder of Heat Vision, a small new media publishing and design firm, Christopher Schmitt is an award-winning Web designer who has been working with the Web since 1993.

Clemens Vasters is a Software Architect and currently works for Microsoft where he helps shaping the technical strategy for the Windows Azure Service Bus. Clemens has a long history educating developers, having taught some of the first available .NET training courses for developers in Europe in early 2002.

Colin Melia is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP for Silverlight known as an architect, trainer, speaker and author with deep and broad knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies, proven problem solving skills, hands-on solution creation ingenuity and the ability to communicate rich and complex ideas.

Corey is a world-traveling mentor and co-founder of Code Retreat.

Cory is a Software Architect, independent consultant, Microsoft MVP in Visual C#, and regular INETA community speaker at development conferences across the US He specializes in responsive web applications, clean code, and bad golf.

Specializing in large-scale web system implementation, Craig spent his early career working with COM and C++, but since 2001 has been teaching and consulting full-time on the .NET platform in C#. Craig has written for MSDN magazine and spoken at conferences both nationally and internationally.

Craig Shoemaker is a developer, instructor, writer, podcaster, and technical evangelist of all things awesome.

Dan Appleman is a well known author, software developer and speaker.

Dan is a broadcaster, writer, software developer, designer, and ex-corporate stooge. He is the founder of 5by5, an Internet broadcasting and podcast network.

Dan is the Scripted Practice Manger for Software Technology Group. Dan also works with the Java Practice Team and specializes in Spring, Ruby, Python, Groovy, JavaScript, and PHP. In his free time, Dan provides Jazz Guitar lessons.

Dan is a Senior Software Engineer with Google. Prior to that, Dan was a Developer at PostRank. Dan specialized in Rails and EventMachine.

Dan is an independent consultant, author, and speaker. He likes data; pointy data, rectangular data, even data just lying around on the floor. He is a co-author of the book "A Developers Guide to SQL Server 2005". His articles have been published in MSDN Magazine and SQL Server Magazine and he has spoken at WinDev, Microsoft events, as well as to various developer groups.

Dan is a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer (MCPD), a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) in BizTalk Server 2010, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). An enterprise integration specialist, Dan founded the Brisbane BizTalk User Group in 2005 and frequently presents for BizTalk Saturday and the Brisbane Azure User Group.

Dan Wahlin founded The Wahlin Group ( which specializes in ASP.NET, jQuery, Silverlight, and SharePoint consulting. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and has been awarded Microsoft's MVP award for ASP.NET, Connected Systems and Silverlight.

Dave is a data management specialist with more years' experience within the IT industry than he likes to admit. Dave focuses on databases and good development practices.

David has been a contributing author to books on Windows Server, and a technical editor for books on Windows Security, Group Policy, and Windows Server.Dave has been a Microsoft MVP for four years lending his experience to shape future Microsoft products.

David is a software developer with a back ground in IT systems administration. When he’s not learning something new about technology, or speaking about technology, he enjoys billiards and watching/attending motocross races.

David Berry is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience developing applications in languages such as Java and C#. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively with enterprise database systems including Oracle and SQL Server.

David Chappell is Principal of Chappell & Associates in San Francisco, California. David has been the keynote speaker for more than a hundred events, and his seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of people in forty-five countries. His books have been published in a dozen languages, and his consulting clients have included HP, IBM, Microsoft, Stanford University, and Target Corporation.

David has been in the IT industry for over 18 years. He has served as a server/network admin, IT manager, and independent contractor. David has authored over 20 different IT training courses for Pluralsight and TrainSignal.

David Donovan is a pioneer in bridging technologies. His favorite is audio technologies with software applications. He is involved in speech synthesis and tools for authoring presentations. His latest crave is performing music interacting with visualizations, but he also likes travelling and sailing.

Above all else, David is a software developer with a passion for all things Web. He crafts Javascript and Ruby, HTML and CSS.

Dave Mann is a founder and Director for Aptillon, a five-time SharePoint MVP and a trainer for Critical Path Training.

David Mosher is a Front-End Engineer at Test Double. He loves building great JavaScript web experiences using modern tools like Grunt and Lineman.

David Starr is a Senior Program Manager in the Visual Studio’s Application Lifecycle Tools team at Microsoft where he focuses on tools that enable agile software development.

David Yack is a Business Technologist, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Microsoft MVP / Microsoft Regional Director, Photographer based in Colorado Springs Colorado

Deborah Kurata is an independent consultant who specializes in designing and developing successful Microsoft .NET applications as well as mentoring software developers. She has authored several technical books and speaks at conferences. For her work in support of software developers, she has been recognized with the Microsoft MVP award.

Dejan Sarka, MCT and SQL Server MVP, is an independent consultant, trainer, and developer focusing on database & business intelligence applications. His specialties are advanced topics like data modeling, data mining, and data quality.

Derik Whittaker is a Software Architect who specializes in all things .Net who has been building enterprise systems for over 12 years and along the way has picked up a thing or two about building create killer systems. He is a 5 time C# MVP and blogs at

Devin Thorpe, a "champion of social good," writes about, advocates for and advises change agents. Crowdfunding is a favorite tool for catalyzing change. He is a Forbes Contributor and a contributing editor at CrowdFundBeat. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his decades of entrepreneurial finance experience and his Cornell MBA.

Dimitre Novatchev developed FXSL – the functional programming library for XSLT (1.0 and 2.0). He thrives at discovering and employing unexpected capabilities of XSLT and XPath that even their W3C creators hadn’t imagined.

Dion Almaer is a technologist who loves to code and build.

Dmitri is a developer, speaker, podcaster, technical evangelist and wannabe quant.

Dominick works as an associate consultant for the Germany-based company thinktecture. His main area of focus is security in general and identity & access control in particular.

Don Jones' broad IT experience comes from 20 years in the business, with a strong focus on Microsoft server technologies.

Don Robins has spent over two decades building custom business applications, and more recently has focused on technical instruction, integration and mobile development on the platform. A MVP, and certified as a Advanced Developer and Technical Instructor, he regularly delivers the developer classes and workshops around the US and abroad.

Donald Belcham is a senior software developer, independent contractor, and agile development expert who is a strong supporter of fundamental OO patterns and practices. Since 2007, he has been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award in C# and is a member of the JetBrains Academy.

Doug has spent the last 20+ years in the software industry - gradually evolving from a pure bits and bytes guy to a technical strategist, content/messaging guy, and technology evangelist, with a few years of marketing thrown in for balance. He's currently a program manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft.

Douglas is the author of Javascript: the Good Parts and Senior Javascript Architect at PayPal.

Joe focuses on High Performance Computing and .NET languages. Joe has been specializing in Microsoft technologies since 1992, and is well-versed in Microsoft's High-Performance Computing initiative (HPC Server, Compute Cluster Server, MPI, MPI.NET, OpenMP, PFx), web technologies (ASP.NET and Ajax Extensions for ASP.NET), the desktop (WinForms), LINQ, .NET Framework, and its most popular languages (VC++, C#, F# and VB).

Dustin is a co-founder of Developer Advocates, a freelance evangelism for hire outfit. He is also a co-host on the MashThis.IO podcast. As a PostSharp MVP, he regularly attends user groups, code camps and other developer events to speak about aspect oriented programming and a range of other topics.

Eberhard Wolff is one of the initial members of the Java Champions, and author of several articles and three books including the first German book on Spring. Eberhard is also a regular speaker at international conferences. His main areas of interest are software architecture, Java, Spring, NoSQL and Cloud.

Ed Liberman has worked in technology for over 20 years. He has been certified and instructing IT since 1998. He has helped thousands of people to get started or advance their careers in the IT industry.

Edin Kapic is a SharePoint MVP, Architect, Tinker and Geek in Spenta consulting, and the MCT Regional Lead for Spain.

Elias Khnaser is an author, speaker, and IT consultant specializing in Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware virtualization technologies.

Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider, and IE userAgent and specializes in front-end web development. He enjoys blogging (, tweeting (@elijahmanor), and speaking about the things he learns.

Elton is an independent consultant specializing in systems integration with the Microsoft stack. He is a Microsoft MVP, blogger, and practicing Technical Architect.

Emily is an experienced software developer specializing in Test Driven Development, agile methods, and automated testing in general. She is a well known speaker, coding dojo facilitator, blogger, and author of "The Coding Dojo Handbook".

Eric is a Principal Technical Yahoo! at Yahoo!, Inc., where he is a lead developer on the Yahoo! Messenger team. Since graduating from Purdue in 1994, Eric has been building software applications on Windows platforms. Eric is interested in all aspects of the .NET framework, but specifically WPF, Silverlight, and other client technologies.

Eric is co-founder of Papertrail and Seven Scale.

Eric Siebert is a 25-year IT veteran whose primary focus is VMware virtualization and Windows server administration.

Eric was introduced to SharePoint near the end of 2006 and immediately took a personal interest in it. With a degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University focused on C++ development, Eric had the skill set that made the transition to C# for SharePoint 2007 development a breeze. Eric quickly became fluent in SharePoint and got his certifications. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. With his newfound knowledge and skills, Eric was presented with a unique opportunity to test his mettle as an instructor. Much to his own surprise, he did quite well and that led him to spend the better part of the last several years as an instructor and consultant in a wide variety of environments.

Eric Wright is a Systems Architect, VMware vExpert, and Cisco Champion with a background in virtualization, VMware, OpenStack, Business Continuity, PowerShell scripting and systems automation.

Erik is a software architect, team leader and technologist that enjoys working with a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools. An active blogger with extensive experience teaching and demonstrating software development techniques, he is always up for any conversation about technology.

Erin Stellato is a Senior Consultant with SQLskills and a SQL Server MVP. She has worked as a SQL Server professional since 2003 and her interests include Internals, Performance Tuning, High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Erin is an active member of the SQL Server community as a presenter and blogger.

Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP, ALM Ranger, Telerik Insider, and president of the Orlando .NET User Group (ONETUG). He is passionate about Scrum and continuous improvement using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

Estelle is an engineer, author, and trainer who has been developing standards-based accessible websites since 1999. She is a frequent speaker at tech conferences around the world.

Fabian Deitelhoff is a student of Computer Science, author, speaker, software developer and addicted to nearly everything in the software business.

Felbrigg has been podcasting horror fiction and historical non-fiction since 2008. When he's not podcasting or narrating audiobooks he designs card and board games. During the day he gets down to business using DotNet technologies as web developer.

Filip is an enthusiastic developer that strives to learn something new every day. His greatest passion is programming and ever since Filip was a little boy he has always strived to master it. All his community contributions has made Filip a Microsoft Visual C# MVP and a DZone Most-Valuable Blogger.

Francis Hwang is a writer and software engineer. An active member of the Ruby community, he was the founder of NYC.rb, founding organizer of GORUCO, and a four-time RubyConf speaker.

Fritz is a co-founder of Pluralsight where he serves as the Content Advisor. Fritz is the author of the books 'Essential ASP.NET' and 'Essential ASP.NET 2.0' published by Addison Wesley.

Garann is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Etsy, specializing in Javascript. She organizes tech events in Austin, TX and authored Node for Front-End Developers.

Gary Bernhardt is a creator and destroyer of software compelled to understand both sides of heated software debates: Vim and Emacs; Python and Ruby; Git and Mercurial. He runs Destroy All Software, which publishes advanced screencasts for serious developers covering Unix, Ruby, OO design, and TDD.

Gary Eimerman is VP of IT Pro Content at Pluralsight. He brought his expertise over from TrainSignal, where he spent eight years helping to grow the company into the leader in online IT training.

Gary has been working in Information Technology for over 15 years. He has worked with Exchange Server since version 5.5 and has experience in both training and hands on implementations. His energetic delivery and passion for technology makes him a popular trainer. He has developed many online courses and delivers training all over the world.

Gary is a founder and director at Aptillon, Inc. and a SharePoint MVP who has been architecting, planning, and implementing SharePoint solutions since early 2007.

Geoffrey is VP of Open Source at Pluralsight. He founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell.

Gergely is a developer at Microsoft, working on next-generation Skype applications. He has been developing for the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms since their announcement, building highly-rated applications like Cocktail Flow and Weather Flow. Gergely lives in London.

Gianni is an Italian Software Architect/Developer and Trainer in BEPS Engineering (Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner) since 2007. Microsoft Windows Embedded MVP since 2011, he is also focused on Windows Store/Windows Phone Apps development and the cloud (Windows Azure, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, Web API).

Gill Cleeren is an author, trainer and lead developer, focusing on XAML-based technologies. He's a Silverlight MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. He lives in Belgium.

Giovanni Dicanio is a computer programmer specialized in Windows operating system and C, C++ and C# programming languages, with a recent interest for mobile platforms.

Glenn works as a Principal Consultant at He has been a SQL Server MVP since 2007, and he is also an Adjunct Faculty member at University College - University of Denver. He is the author of the book SQL Server Hardware (Redgate 2011), and he wrote chapters for both SQL Server MVP Deep Dives books.

Glenn is a PM on the WCF team working on Microsoft’s future HTTP and REST stack. Prior to WCF he was a PM on the new Managed Extensibility Framework in .NET 4.0. He has experience both inside and outside Microsoft developing software solutions for ISVs and the enterprise. He has also been active in involving folks from the community in the development of software at Microsoft. This has included shipping products under open source licenses, as well as assisting other teams looking to do so.

Greg Shields is Author / Evangelist with PluralSight. Reach him on Twitter at

Hadi Hariri is Developer, Speaker and Technical Evangelist at JetBrains.

Hal Rottenberg is a system engineer, Microsoft PowerShell MVP, and VMware vExpert living in Woodstock, Georgia.

Heather Ackmann is an accomplished instructor with a decade of teaching experience, helping students at the high school, college, and adult levels in a variety of topics. Specializing in Microsoft Office computer applications, she is a Microsoft Office Certified Master and holds a degree in English and Secondary Education.

Herve Roggero, Windows Azure MVP and co-author of PRO SQL Server 2012 Practices, is the founder of Blue Syntax Consulting ( Herve is the president of the Azure Florida Association.

Howard Dierking is a Program Manager on the Web Platform and Tools team at Microsoft where his current focus is on all things Web.

SQL Server MVP Hugo Kornelis is co-founder and R&D lead of perFact BV. He develops analysis methods and tools to generate completely functional SQL Server applications from the analysis. Hugo also likes to visit internet forums, read and write books and blogs as well as speak at conferences.

Ian is an independent consultant, developer, speaker, and author. He has written books on Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, and Visual Studio. He lives in London but can often be found on various developer mailing lists and newsgroups, where a popular sport is to see who can get him to write the longest email in reply to the shortest possible question.

Ian Johnson is the author of Tributary - an open source live-coding environment designed for prototyping data visualizations with D3.

Iris Classon is an appreciated speaker, writer, blogger, Microsoft C# MVP and member of MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team) with a tremendous passion for programming. She has had a remarkable career path that proves that nothing is impossible- switching from being a licensed and registered clinical dietitian to a software developer with a dozen certifications and a full time developer job with renowned companies.

J. Peter Bruzzese (one of the co-founders of is an Exchange MVP and an internationally published technical author with over a dozen titles to his credit. In addition, he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Triple-MCSE and MCITP for Messaging. He has been a technical journalist for 15 years and is the Enterprise Windows columnist for InfoWorld.

Jake has a broad range of IT infrastructure experience. This experience ranges from telecom and networking, to operating systems from Microsoft and Linux.

James Hughes is a Consultant at Kainos working on anything and everything. He is also Kainos Developer Evangelist helping to build an engaged and interested community in Northern Ireland and London.

James Kovacs is a Technical Evangelist for JetBrains. He is passionate in sharing his knowledge about OO, SOLID, TDD/BDD, testing, object-relational mapping, dependency injection, refactoring, continuous integration, and related techniques.

Jan-Erik Sandberg is an international author and a requested speaker. He has coached agile teams since 2001 and is a veteran coder. He currently works as a release manager for Visma Retail Software, a Nordic company delivering state of the art software for the retail segment.

Janis Hall combines more than 15 years of technical knowledge with business acumen when working with organizations on needs analysis and delivery for custom support models, system integration and upgrades, process analysis, and the design and implementation of collaborative sites. In her previous work at Mindsharp, as a MetroStar Systems Instructor, and with Pluralsight Janis incorporates her passion for SharePoint and its countless benefits into viable, innovative classes that provide students with both technical know-how and concepts of functional benefits.

Jason Alba is founder of, an online relationship manager for professionals to manage their career and job search. Jason is the author of I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? and coauthor of I’m on Facebook – Now What??? and specializes in helping professionals with career management, network, and personal branding.

Jason Nash has over 15 years of industry experience and is currently the Data Center Solutions Principal at Varrow, a leader in virtualization, storage, and DR located in the southeast.

Jason Roberts is a Microsoft MVP and Journeyman Software Developer, author of the book Keeping Software Soft, open source contributor and Windows Phone & Windows 8 Store app creator.

Jason is the founder of Bam! Pow! Software Solutions, LLC. He has over 20 years experience as a business analyst, project manager and software developer. Jason has written numerous applications for the financial industry ranging from portfolio management and accounting systems to contact relationship management systems to trading systems.

Jay Mcfarland is a talk show host on a show called The Browsers on KSL Newsradio in Salt Lake City, Utah. This show focuses on technology innovations including new apps and innovations. Jay is also an app developer having released over 100 mobile apps in the past two years.

Jeff previously worked at Microsoft for over 8 years in MSIT going through multiple release cycles of SharePoint, Exchange, Groove, Office and Lync.

Jeff has more than two decades of diverse experience in publishing, enterprise infrastructure, and web development, designing and implementing large-scale Drupal sites.

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a Microsoft MVP, an ASPInsider and Developer Evangelist for Telerik with over 15 years of experience building large-scale multi-tenant web applications in the software-as-a-service model. Most recently, you can find him writing about ASP.NET in MSDN Magazine and CodeProject.

Jeffery Hicks is a Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell and an IT veteran with many years of experience, much of it spent as an IT consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies with an emphasis in automation and efficiency.

Jeff has over 5 years experience in Chicago production companies as a Motion Graphic Artist and Video Editor.

Jeremy Clark is an application developer, technical speaker, and Microsoft MVP with over 13 years of experience in all aspects of the development lifecycle. After hours, he puts together demos and technical articles for, a website focusing on .NET technologies.

Jeremy Jarrell is a software developer specializing in commercial product development, software architecture and team leadership. He is also a frequently syndicated author and highly rated speaker at conferences across the eastern United States.

Jesse Liberty is a Master Consultant for Falafel Software. Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and his blog is required reading. He is a Microsoft MVP, the author of numerous best-selling books and he can be reached on Twitter: @JesseLiberty.

Jesse is a speaker, author, developer, and entrepreneur. He wrote four books on social technologies, and was named one of 20 developers to follow by Entrepreneur Magazine. Jesse manages social media accounts in the hundreds of thousands of fans. Jesse currently leads social strategy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and consults for companies big and small.

Jessica Kerr is a software developer with a hobby of presenting at conferences and teaching custom on-site git workshops.

Jill is a freelance Software Developer who works on all things technical and loves it.

Jim has spent over 17 years developing software for aerospace, education, and casinos. Since 2010 he has run Code Owls LLC, a company in Charlotte NC specializing in IT tooling and automation technologies. Jim is a PowerShell MVP and avid speaker.

Jim Cooper is a senior software developer at Pluralsight. With more than 18 years of software development experience, he has gained a passion for Agile software development -- especially eXtreme Programming (XP).

Jim Weirich (November 18, 1956 – February 19, 2014) was a well-known developer, speaker, teacher, and contributor to the Ruby community.

Jim is Lead Mobile Developer for Spectafy, a startup providing community driven, location-specific, real-time information and photos. He is also president of JW Hedgehog, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in solutions for the Android, iOS, and Microsoft platforms.

Jimmy is a Senior Developer in McKinsey Solutions in London. He works on everything that is cool and interesting, and occasionally on those less cool things as well. He is constantly looking for something new and exciting. He is also active in the technical community as speaker.

Joe Astorino is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) #24347. He has over ten years experience working in several large scale enterprise network environments as a key part of several high profile, highly visible network teams for organizations.

Joe has been a web developer for the last 13 of his 16+ years as a professional developer. He has specialized in front end and middle tier development . Although his greatest love is writing code, he also enjoys teaching and speaking about code.

Joe Kelly has been designing and implementing virtualization and storage solutions for large and small corporate environments for over 10 years.

Joe Kunk has been working as a developer and analyst in the IT industry for over 30 years. Joe is a Microsoft MVP, Visual Studio Magazine columnist, long-time user group leader, speaker, book author, and father of two daughters.

Joe is a seasoned Cisco professional with over 15 years of experience, supporting Fortune 500 Companies in deploying routing, switching, unified communications, security, and data center technologies.

Joe Sack ( is a SQL Server professional based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Joe is an author, speaker, SQL MVP, and SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master specializing in performance tuning, high availability and disaster recovery.

Joe Shindelar is a web developer, teacher, and snowboarding enthusiast who has been building Drupal sites and participating in Drupal core development since 2006.

Based in Scottsdale Arizona, Joel Neubeck leads a talented team of software and interactive developers as the EVP of Technology for Nomadic, a full service branding and interactive digital agency.

Johan Arwidmark is a Microsoft MVP, consultant, teacher, speaker, and author. He's an all-around geek specializing in Systems Management and Enterprise Deployment Solutions.

John Barnette has been keeping the lights on at tech companies since 1998, most recently at GitHub. In his increasingly rare spare time he speaks at programming and tech conferences, advises startups on platform and software strategy, and invents new (sometimes life-threating) cocktails.

John has been developing software for 20 years. Starting with a brief stint in Mumps and PowerBuilder, he has moved over to .NET since 2001. As the Founder and principal of Tritium Consulting, he has helped government agencies and international banks distribute and move their data around the world. Recently he has spent time developing ASP.NET MVC, WCF, VSTO solutions using VS Team System and Team Foundation Server.

John Hales is a trainer, consultant, and courseware developer in the areas of virtualization, storage, and networking. He has published more than 60 books and has written many courses for internal use at Fortune 500 companies. He has also trained in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

During his 20+ years in the IT industry, John has enjoyed the opportunity to work as a consultant, architect, executive, speaker, and author.

John Papa is a well-known former Sr Technical Evangelist for Microsoft on the Silverlight and Windows 8 client teams. John is a Microsoft Regional Director and author of 100+ articles and 10 books, specializes in professional application development with technologies including Windows, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Silverlight, WPF, C#, .NET and SQL Server.

Independent software development trainer in Budapest, Hungary.

John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer (, where he tirelessly pursues his vision of transforming complex issues into simple solutions

John has been developing software for over 20 years. Today, he focuses on ASP.NET development and is having more fun than ever solving for clients. John is a Practice Director for Custom Application Development at Neudesic, a Microsoft Gold Partner and the Trusted Technology Partner in Business Innovation. A 10-time recipient of Microsoft’s MVP Award; currently an ASP.NET/IIS MVP. John is also an ASP Insider, and is the INETA Mentorfor PA and WV. John is the author of several books and is a frequent contributor to CODE-Magazine.

Jon Fancey is a co-founder of Affinus, a UK-based consultancy specializing in large-scale enterprise problems and solutions. Jon focuses on Microsoft’s server products, in particular BizTalk Server and SharePoint as well as web services and associated technologies. He has written for MSDN Magazine and Web site and talked at various Microsoft-focused conferences including TechEd. Jon is recognized by Microsoft as an MVP for his community contributions.

Jon is most at home spelunking, trying to figure out how things work from the inside out. Jon is the author of RESTful.NET from O'Reilly, as well as Essential ASP for Addison-Wesley, and was a co-author of Mastering Visual Studio.NET for O'Reilly. Jon's current major interest is helping people to understand the advantages of REST.

Jon is an experienced IT professional with over 10 years of expertise in the industry. He is a published author, technical consultant, and speaker residing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Jon Skeet is a software engineer (currently at Google) and author.

Jonathan Kehayias is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills. He is the youngest person ever to achieve the Microsoft Certified Master - SQL Server 2008 certification and has been a SQL Server MVP for many years.

Passionate about programming computers for over 20 years, Jose made his debut in assembler and C, C for SIMD parallel machines before adopting Java as an object-oriented language. Assistant professor in Paris North University for more than 15 years, Jose also brings his expertise to many projects, in various industrial fields.

José Valim is co-founder of Plataformatec, creator of the Elixir programming language and member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team

He is a Chef contributor and evangelist, and runs Backdrop.

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft MVP, .NET mentor and consultant who lives in the hills of Vermont. You can find Julie presenting on data access and other Microsoft .NET topics at user groups and conferences around the world. Julie is the author of the highly acclaimed "Programming Entity Framework (with a second edition coming soon) and authors the MSDN Magazine Data Points column.

Julie Yack is a founding partner of Colorado Technology Consultants and a Dynamics CRM MVP. She is very involved in community efforts helping with developer user groups, mentoring up and coming technologists and advocating on behalf of small technology businesses with legislators in Washington DC.

Justin is a passionate software journeyman who loves to spread that passion and knowledge. He writes a lot of C# code, but is diving deep into Scala's beautiful language.

Justin Schwartzenberger is a Lead Software Engineer at Couto Solutions where he spends most of his time on both the front end and back end of web development, jumping from client side to server side with a helping of DevOps in between.

Karen Stevenson has been a Drupal contributor since 2006. She is a co-maintainer of the Content Construction Kit (CCK), which became part of core in Drupal 7, and the author of the Date, and Calendar modules.

Karl Swedberg is a web developer at Fusionary Media in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he spends much of his time making cool things happen with JavaScript. As a member of the jQuery team, Karl is responsible for maintaining the jQuery API site at <a href="" target="blank"></a>.

Kate Gregory is in her fourth decade of being paid to program. Her firm, Gregory Consulting Limited, is based in rural Ontario and helps clients adopt new technologies and adjust to the changing business environment. Current work makes heavy use of .NET and Visual C++ for both web and client development, especially for Windows 7 and 8. Managing, mentoring, technical writing, and technical speaking occupy much of her time, but she still writes code every week.

Kathleen Dollard is a .NET Team Coach, has been a Microsoft MVP since 1998, and is an <a href="">ASP.NET</a> Insider.

When programming, Katrina's focus is on automation, workflow optimization, and refactoring. She contributes to several open source projects, and is a full-time panelist on the RubyRogues podcast.

Keith Burnell is a Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies. Keith has been developing software for over 15 years specializing in large scale ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC web site architecture and development as well as teaching and mentoring clients on the benefits of test-driven development.

Keith Harvey is a Technical Architect and UX Visionary for Intergraph Process Power and Marine. Keith has over 25 years experience designing and developing applications and architectures across all Microsoft platforms. Over the years, his love of making users happy has blossomed into a passion for creating great User Experiences (UX).

Keith is a co-founder of Pluralsight, where he serves as a Culture Coach. Read more about this role and Pluralsight's cultural development on our culture blog. Prior to this, Keith served as CTO, where he helped build the initial content delivery system for Pluralsight, then focused on hiring an awesome team of developers in Utah to take it to the next level.

Ken Getz is a software developer and a founding partner with MCW Technologies, LLC. He has been providing instructor-led, video, and online training since 1993. He has written hundreds of technical articles, and produced many training videos for Microsoft over the years. When not being a geek, he spends his time playing the piano in local theaters.

Mr. G. Ken Holman is the Chief Technology Officer for Crane Softwrights Ltd., a co-editor of the UBL 2 specifications and the current chair of the OASIS Code List committee and co-chair of the UBL committee, the former secretary of the ISO subcommittee for the SGML family of standards, the former chair and member of other international committees, a published author and an accomplished speaker.

Ken has over 30 years of IT experience. In his career he has worked as a NetWare Admin, Windows Admin, Senior Support Engineer, Trainer, and Consultant.

Kenny Kerr is a computer programmer and recognized expert in Windows operating system development and programming languages.

Kevin is an architect & technical consultant (mobile) .NET applications, and founder of MARVIN. His main focus lies on all things XAML & Web (Microsoft Stack). He's a Microsoft MVP, published author, and regular (inter)national conference speaker.

Kevin has spent way too many years in the software industry. Starting on PL/1 on IBM mainframes then graduating through dBase IV to Windows and eventually onto Java, .Net and now JavaScript where he finally thinks he has found a home until the next new shiny comes along.

Kevin Kuebler is a Lead Software Developer for the Services team at Telerik.

Kevin is a lifelong learner with over 30 years in the IT industry. He works on web and mobile applications as well as the databases and web services to support them. With a gift for learning new languages, he is able to rapidly apply his broad experience in new environments.

Kevin is the author and maintainer of Twilio's official node.js module. Kevin is also the founder and co-organizer of JavaScriptMN, one of Minnesota's largest and most active technical user groups.

Kimberly is a SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Regional Director and President/Founder of, which she now runs with her husband, Paul Randal. Kimberly’s areas of expertise focus on performance tuning through effective database design and architecture.

Kit has been a software developer since the 1980s, working in industries from automotive engineering to energy trading. He's known for his huge enthusiasm for F#, which he will share with anyone who will listen.

Kyle Hofmeyer has a degree in film-making, and has been building sites with Drupal since 2008. In addition to being a Drupal trainer, he also the in-house audio/video editor for Drupalize.Me.

Kyle was the first designer hired at GitHub. He has had a hand in most of the projects shipped during that time (the website, GitHub Issues, GitHub for Mac, and others).

Kyle is a freelance developer based in Austin, TX. He runs several open-source projects (such as LabJS), writes books, and speaks at meetups and conferences.

Lane has worked in the IT industry for over 13 years. He has worked as a Server, Network, and Virtualization engineer in both private and public sector organizations.

Larry Schiefer is the CTO and co-founder of HiQES, a mobile, embedded and application software development service company. He specializes in designing and developing device drivers, kernel software, BSP, and applications for Android, Linux, Windows, Windows Embedded, and various RTOS environments.

Lars is a software developer with Kiandra IT, is co-founder of the conference DDD Melbourne and is a leading Windows Phone developer running his own small consulting company as well. Lars is a speaker at tech conferences and participant in hackathons for Microsoft and Nokia.

Laszlo is an official certified SAP BW/BI consultant and trainer with over 10 years of IT experience. He specializes in SAP Business Warehouse/Business Intelligence but also enthusiastic about other solutions like ABAP, C# and new software practices.

Laurence Moroney is a freelance mobile, desktop and cloud developer based in the Seattle area. As the author of over 20 books, and hundreds of published articles, he has broad knowledge in all development areas, including Microsoft, Google and Apple development environments.

Laurent works as Senior Director for IdentityMine, one of the leading companies (and Gold Partner) for Microsoft technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Pixelsense, Windows 8, Windows Phone, XBOX and generally User Experience. He is based in Zurich Switzerland.

Lea is a web standards geek / front-end engineer / web designer / speaker currently living in Greece. She makes tools that help other developers working with web standards, speaks about them in conferences, writes about them in popular industry media, and blogs about her related research and tools.

Leo has been writing about and teaching best practices and patterns in enterprise web and mobile development since 1998; authoring and editing over a dozen training titles on topics including PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Apache Flex, ActionScript, and Adobe CQ5. He holds multiple industry certifications, including Adobe Certified Master Instructor.

Leonard Lobel (Microsoft MVP, SQL Server) is CTO and co-founder of Sleek Technologies, Inc., a New York-based development shop. He is also a principal consultant at Tallan, Inc., a Microsoft National Systems Integrator and Gold Competency Partner. Lenni is also a consultant, trainer, and frequent speaker at major industry conferences.

Liam is a freelance web developer, working mostly with Microsoft tools and technology, based in Brisbane Australia. Since 2006 he has been working with local startups, developing web-based products. Prior to his startup projects Liam spent 5 years in corporate IT.

Alain "Lino" Tadros is President & CEO of Falafel Software, a Silicon Valley based company, dedicated to providing world-class consulting, training, and software development for organizations worldwide.

Lisa is a consultant, teacher, and speaker with a passion for empowering people with knowledge, and supporting them in making their goals and aspirations a reality. Whether it's a technology startup, a major corporation, or an entrepreneur with a dream, she lights up the path to success.

Lisa specializes in systems design and security, and holds a Master of Science in Computer Science degree as well as a Bachelor degree in Education.

Llewellyn is an agile coach, creator of approval tests, and co-founder of TeachingKidsProgramming.

Lowell Amos is a seasoned ITSM professional with 20 years of practical experience.

Lukas Ruebbelke co-authored AngularJS in Action for Manning Publications and runs the Phoenix Web Application User Group.

Lynn Langit has been working with data for over 14 years. She is an architect, author and popular speaker on SQL Server, Google Cloud, Hadoop, MongoDB and more.

Technology Manager at Info Support, Microsoft regional Director, Visual studio ALM MVP and IT Architect Consultant.

Mario Hewardt is the author of Advanced Windows Debugging and Advanced .NET Debugging.

Mark Boas develops jPlayer - a JS media library used by Al Jazeera, the BBC and WNYC. Mark has run courses for the W3C, Al Jazeera and coaches University of Florence students in interactive media.

Mark Heath is a software developer based in Southampton, England, working for NICE Systems. He is the author of several open source projects, including NAudio, an audio framework for .NET. He is passionate about continually improving his skills and training other developers.

Mark Lewin is a web developer and technical trainer based in the UK. He specializes in web mapping, geographical information systems (GIS) and Javascript frameworks.

Mark Minasi is a best-selling author, popular technology columnist, commentator, keynote speaker, and IT consultant.

Mark Seemann is the author of Dependency Injection in .NET and the inventor of AutoFixture. He is a professional programmer and software architect living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and currently an independent advisor. He enjoys reading, drawing, playing the guitar, good wine, and gourmet food.

Mark has been working in technology since 1986. Over the years he has developed numerous apps and games for both mobile and the web. Currently, Mark is the founder of Curious Inventions in McMinnville, Oregon.

Markus has been helping his customers in the field of business intelligence since 1994. Currently, he works for cubido business solutions gmbh, as a business intelligence architect.

Matt is a Senior Software Architect specializing in ASP.NET web application architecture and development. He is also an avid testing practitioner and is the creator of two open-source testing frameworks. When he isn’t writing code, he’s often busy writing about code or helping others improve their own development skills.

Matt Johnson programs in both C# and JavaScript, and specializes in Date and Time related issues.

Matt is a software engineer, developer, and hacker with experience in various industries and technologies. He is currently working on the platform. He has a passion for building applications and helping people change their processes to adapt to the new world of PaaS. Matt is a MVP.

Matt is an independent consultant specializing in Microsoft .NET application design and development. As a writer Matt has contributed to several journals and magazines including MSDN Magazine where he currently authors the workflow content for the Foundations column. Matt regularly shares his love of technology by speaking at local, regional and international conferences such as Tech Ed. Microsoft has recognized Matt as an MVP for his community contributions around connected systems technology.

Matt Kruczek is a Senior Software Consultant and Mobile Practice Lead for the Apple division of Tallan.

Matthew McDermott, Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP, is a founding member of Aptillon, Inc. and Principal Consultant for AbleBlue in Austin, Texas. As an author and specialist in SharePoint technologies focused on web content management, collaboration, search and social computing, Matthew has led SharePoint implementations for Fortune 500 companies since 2002.

Mel has been delivering technical training since 1994. He has trained students across the USA, in Canada, Germany and the UK.

Michael is a two-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional, and VMware Certified Professional working in the IT field since 1998 working as a systems engineer and technical trainer.

Michael Crump is a Microsoft MVP, INETA Community Champion, and an author of several .NET Framework eBooks. He currently works at Telerik with a focus on our XAML control suite.

Michael Dudley is a senior consultant for Improving Enterprises in Dallas, TX. His journey started with automating TPS reports in VB6, then on to Java, and finally to C# and the .NET stack. He feels blessed to be surrounded by passionate programmers who are continually improving.

Michael Hoffman is a passion-driven technologist with over 13 years in the software industry. He is an advocate for Spring, Apache and IBM solutions. In his various roles, he has had the pleasure of helping teach developers through presentations, bootcamps and one-on-one sessions.

Michael is Vice President of Development at PDSA, Inc. and brings over 35 years of Information Technology and project leadership experience to bear at his position. Prior to joining the PDSA team, Michael was the Director of Information Technology at the Long Beach division of Boeing.

Michael Lopp has built a reputation through his timeless essays at <a href="">Rands in Repose</a>. He has also built a 20 year career as a developer and manager at companies including Netscape, Borland, Apple, and Palantir.

J. Michael Palermo IV is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist based out of Phoenix, AZ

Mathematician and software developer, Michael L Perry applies formal proof to creating reliable software. He has developed a method starting from the works of the greats (Meyer, Rumbaugh, Knuth), and embodied it in his open-source frameworks (Update Controls and Correspondence).

Mike is a UK-based Integration MVP specializing in Windows Azure, BizTalk and Integration.

Michelle Lauer started her Drupal adventures in 2006 and quickly became known for her incredible sense of detail while possessing the ability to see the big picture. These innate skills allowed Michelle to cultivate her specialty of site architecture and multi-phased deployments.

Whether playing on the local Radio Shack’s TRS-80 or designing systems for clients around the globe, Miguel has been writing software since he was 12 years old. He keeps himself heavily involved in every aspect, layer, nook, and cranny of app development and would not have it any other way.

Mike is a developer, architect and trainer and has worked with many different tools and technologies for over 20 years. When not working on, learning or sharing something to do with technology he enjoys spending time with his family, especially camping and traveling.

Mike is a Microsoft MVP awardee and the author of many books on Windows 7 and Windows 8, a recognised Windows expert he makes help and how-to videos under the banner PC and encourages questions from readers and viewers.

Mike Hammond is a seasoned technical trainer with 15 years of experience delivering technical content

Mike spent almost two decades as an FTE with Microsoft in various roles such as Technical Evangelist, Trainer, Solution Integration Engineer, Consultant, and Programming/Writer. Today Mike is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect with leading Microsoft Azure partner Aditi Technologies. He has been published many times on MSDN and MSJ and speaks at industry conferences.

Mike is an enterprise architect for Office Max, having worked in technology for over 15 years holding roles focused on technical leadership, solution architecture, and enterprise architecture.

Mike is the VP of Developer Content - Enterprise Software at Pluralsight.

Milena Pajic has more than 8 years of IT experience. Currently, she is a Project Manager, practicing Scrum and Kanban on various projects she is responsible for.

Misko is the creator of AngularJS and an agile coach at Google.

Microsoft Integration MVP, previous ASP.NET MVP, Microsoft Community Lead, and Solution Architect in the e-Gov sector.

Neven Mrgan is a designer at Panic Inc, makers of nice apps for Mac and iOS.

Dr. Nic writes blog posts for developers; creates tools, libraries and text editor extensions for developers; and speaks to developers at conferences. He’s the CEO of Stark & Wayne, a consultancy for people who love Cloud Foundry and Jenkins.

Nigel is a popular figure in the tech industry, renowned for his love of storage and deep technical knowledge. Nigel writes a popular long-running storage blog as well as having hosted many popular technology podcasts, all of which are which are known for their excellent treatment of technical topics.

Niraj works as an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 500 company and has an innate passion for building / studying software systems. He is also a manager/speaker at BDOTNET, India’s largest .NET user group.

Noel Peden is a freelance Web Developer, System Admin, and IT Director who codes in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS for fun and profit.

Nuri is a developer, technical speaker and owner of Plus N Consulting. He codes for a living and lives to code. Learning, teaching and exploring technology is his passion.

Obaid is an experienced technology consultant and instructor. Obaid has over 10 years of experience teaching a variety of computer courses in Active Directory, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Server 2003, Windows XP, Novell Netware, Cisco Routing & Switching, Network Security and Computer Hardware.

Oliver Sturm is a consultant and trainer on topics around .NET software architecture. An Associate Consultant at thinktecture, he is also well known as an author of training classes and articles, an expert on programming languages and a Microsoft C# MVP, and for his experience in the specialized area of DevExpress UI components and frameworks.

Orin Thomas is an MVP, an MCT and has a string of Microsoft MCSE and MCITP certifications.

Experienced technologist, with expertise in various aspects of software development lifecycle, architecting software solutions and software development.

Patrick Hynds, is the President of DTS. Patrick has taught software development and Network Architecture and is experienced in addressing security issues involving leading-edge database, storage, web and hardware systems. Despite the demands of his role, Patrick stays technical by acting as a developer/engineer on selected projects throughout the year.

Patrick Neborg is a Senior Software Architect for Softerware, a non-profit service provider. Patrick has been developing software solutions for over 20 years. Today, he focuses on ASP.NET MVC development and TFS.

Paul is a Consultant for integration consultancy Mexia and is based in Brisbane, Australia. He is a Windows Azure Insider and runs the Brisbane Azure User Group.

Paul D. Sheriff is the President of PDSA, Inc. (, a Microsoft Partner in Southern California. Paul acts as the Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California assisting the local Microsoft offices with events and evangelism. Reach Paul via email at Follow Paul at @pdsainc and

Paul is a highly decorated IT Professional with over 14 years of experience in the areas of IT Training, IT Service Management, IT Infrastructure Management and IT Security.

Paul is an independent consultant and originally focused on technical software (robotics), then moved into (lower layers) network programming. Currently he sails the much murkier waters of Identity Management and Identity Federation, that way combining the interest in both programming and network infrastructure.

An Enterprise Architect by day and an open-source contributor by night, Paul has more than 19 years in the Information Technology industry spanning academic, start-up and enterprise environments.

Paul is the CEO of, a Microsoft Regional Director and a SQL Server MVP. He worked on the SQL Server Storage Engine team at Microsoft from 1999 to 2007. Among other things, he wrote DBCC CHECKDB/repair for SQL Server 2005 and was responsible for the Core Storage Engine during SQL Server 2008 development.

Paul is VP of Interactive Media at Qu3stion Media and Co-Founder of the free Pinterest tool PinAlerts. He specializes in SEO, Content Marketing, and Pinterest Marketing.

Pavel Yosifovich is the CTO of CodeValue (, a software development, consulting, and training company based in Israel. He writes, consults, and trains developers on various software development topics, from Windows internals, to .NET enterprise systems, and almost everything in between. He's a Microsoft MVP and a frequent speaker at events such as Tech-Ed and DevAcademy.

Peter is the founder of Silicon Valley Code Camp and long-time software professional specializing in mobile and web technologies. He has also been a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET since 2007.

Peter is a tech-head pure and simple. He is a UK & Europe group manager for Lidnug, and writes software for fun and for a living. He has been doing I.T in one form or another for best part of 30 years and will likely never stop.

Phani Tipparaju is a Consulting Architect and co-founder of BrainScale consulting where he focuses on helping various customers with their architecture, design efforts and mentoring of developers.

Phil Hagelberg is best known for his contributions to the Clojure and Emacs ecosystems; primarily the Leiningen project automation tool and the Emacs Starter Kit. He enjoys exploring obscure programming languages and roasting coffee.

An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, MCSD, CSM, and CSP, Phil Japikse has been developing software for 20+ years, and heavily involved in agile since 2005. Phil is the Evangelism Lead for Telerik's DevTools division, the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User’s Group, co-hosts, and founded Agile Conferences, Inc.

Pinal Dave is a Pluralsight Developer Evangelist.

Rag Dhiman is an experienced programmer who enjoys finding clean and expandable solutions to technological problems. He is MCPD and MCTS certified and a keen independent iOS developer with many Apps on the App Store.

After years of working in software development, Reindert-Jan Ekker has decided to pursue another passion of his: education. He currently works as a college professor of Computer Science in the Netherlands, teaching many subjects like web development, algorithms and data structures and Scrum.

For almost 30 years, Rhonda has helped people securely deploy, protect, and streamline their IT resources.

Rich has been active with the Microsoft web technologies since 2001, primarily building data driven and e-commerce websites. As a Senior Software Engineer at Quicken Loans, Rich focuses on integration services and web-based line-of-business applications.

Rich Hickey is the creator of Clojure.

Richard is a developer-architect at Unity Corporation in Eagle, Idaho. He takes a holistic approach toward software development by exploring pan-technological and non-technological solutions to customer issues. Richard blogs about code and technology at

Richard Hicks (MCP, MCSE, MCITP Enterprise Administrators, CISSP) is a network and information security expert specializing in Microsoft technologies.

Richard is a Product Manager for cloud computing provider Tier 3, a Microsoft MVP, blogger, author, trainer and frequent public speaker.

Rick Scherer is a Sr. VCE Architect located in Southern California. Working with VMware virtualization products for over 7 years he has designed and deployed environments of all sizes.

Rob Conery co-founded Tekpub and created This Developer's Life. He is an author, speaker, and sometimes a little bit opinionated.

Rob is a bona fide Alpha Nerd. He is the Senior Data Magistrate for the government in the Prism division where he specializes in data collection and data profiling. When he isn’t lording over AppDevs and Architects, he can be found truncating vast amounts of pizza, ETLing burritos and breaking down the execution plans of video games.

Rob Windsor is a Lead SharePoint Consultant with Portal Solutions - a Microsoft Gold Partner based in DC and Boston. He has over twenty years experience developing rich-client and web applications with Delphi, VB, C# and VB.NET and is currently spending a majority of his time working with SharePoint.

Robbe owns the .NET consulting firm Equals Solved, Inc. which currently supports the Seminole County Sheriff's Office in Sanford, FL. He been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award in C# since 2004.

Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies. Robert has been developing web sites for the past 15 years. He is an ASP.NET MVP, an author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert regularly speaks at national and international events.

Robert Bogue is a thought leader on all things SharePoint and an engaging speaker who speaks at events around the world on SharePoint. Rob has been awarded the Microsoft MVP designation nine times, and earned recognition as a Microsoft Patterns and Practices Champion.

Robert C. Cain is a Microsoft MVP in SQL Server, MCTS Certified in BI, and works as a Senior Consultant for Pragmatic Works.

Robert spent nearly 10 years at Microsoft creating software that made it easier for everyone else to write software. Most recently Robert worked on Team Foundation Server on the Administration and Version Control teams. Currently Robert can be found working in the utilities sector on Smart Grid technologies.

Robert is a network engineer with a focus on interoperability, security, and proper design. His professional alter ego enjoys reaching people through social media and sharing knowledge through various educational outlets.

Robert Smallshire is a founding director of Sixty North, a software product and consulting business in based in Norway. He has held several senior software architecture and technical management roles, and he is a regular conference speaker. Python is his weapon of choice.

Roland Guijt is a passionate software developer and trainer. He's not fixed to one technology and is open minded about everything and everyone that crosses his path. Roland enjoys being a Microsoft Certified Trainer for many years. He was a trainer during many courses, from Microsoft and others, in several countries.

Ron is an experienced professional with in-depth expertise in corporate training, change management, communications, and facilitation.

For nearly 20 years, Ross has taught and managed data networks.

Rudi Bruchez is a freelance consultant and trainer based in Paris, France. He has more than 15 years of experience with SQL Server and started to venture into NoSQL territories. As SGBD evolve into more complex solutions, he tries to make sure that people understand the fundamentals and implement their databases wisely.

Russell has been a lover of all things software development since the age of 13. By day Russell is a mild mannered Manager of Enterprise Architecture for a prominent healthcare software vendor. By night a student of new technologies, languages, and all things that are, well, just flat out cool.

Rusty Lowrey is a senior software engineer/architect and independent contractor specializing in Java, J2EE and Android.

Ryan Niemeyer has over 14 years of experience in the software industry working with primarily web-based technologies. He loves JavaScript, participating in the open source community, and trying to learn new things everyday.

Ryan Singer designs software and manages teams at 37signals.

Sahil Malik has been a Microsoft MVP for the past 8 years, author of several books and numerous articles in both the .NET and SharePoint space, consultant and trainer who delivers talks at conferences internationally.

Sam is a core contributor to Backbone and the CTO of Quick Left. Sam is currently authoring the upcoming book Backbone In Action for Manning Publications.

Sam is co-founder of Discourse. In a past life he was a developer at Stack Overflow. He lives in Sydney and loves writing software.

Husband, Senior Trainer with @Telerik, Windows Developer, @INETA Secretary, @WindowsDevUG Leader, @M3Conf Secretary, Speaker, Author, Gadget-lover. Yes, a geek!

Sasha is the CTO of Sela Group and a Microsoft C# MVP. He specializes in performance optimization, production debugging, distributed/cloud systems, and mobile development. Sasha is also a frequent conference speaker and published book author.

Scot Hillier is an independent consultant and Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional focused on creating solutions for Information Workers with SharePoint, Office, and related technologies. Scot splits his time between consulting on SharePoint projects, speaking at industry events, and delivering. Scot can be reached at

Scott has over 15 years of experience in commercial software development and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, and local user groups. Scott is a Microsoft MVP and has authored books on several Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, C#, and Windows Workflow.

Scott Forsyth is co-founder and chief systems architect of Vaasnet, and a consultant for the web platform on the Microsoft technology stack. Scott is a 10-year Microsoft MVP for IIS/ASP.NET, an ASP Insider, has co-authored two Wrox books on IIS, and speaks at code camps and technical conferences.

Scott is the development lead on jQueryUI. He co-authored the jQuery Cookbook and publishes numerous tutorials on the web.

Scott Hanselman is a programmer, teacher and speaker.

Scott is a statistical computer programmer specializing in SAS and SQL. An admitted dilettante, Scott occupies his time learning various programming languages such as Java, Android, C#, C, PL/SQL, R, SPSS, to name a few. Scott becomes visibly upset if you don't line up your code syntax!

Scott Lowe has been working in IT for more than 20 years and is currently an Engineering Architect for VMware.

Scott is the Founder and Managing Consultant of THE 1610 Group. By night (and sometimes weekends, lunch, and everything in between!) Scott writes technical articles for CNet's TechRepublic, TechTarget, and TechGenix.

Scott Seely is the president of The Jeanius Factory, Inc., a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP.

Scott's passion for technology and education started after he attended a network engineering program and passed his first certification test to become a Novell CNA. From here, Scott went on to teach at several technical computer schools where he realized that the IT training industry was flawed, not giving students their best chance for success. With a strong belief in his ability to develop better training with methodology-based learning for real world skills, TrainSignal was born in 2002. TrainSignal grew to over 50 employees before being acquired by Pluralsight in 2013.

A VMware Certified Professional since 2006 and awarded the distinction of VMware vEXPERT in 2009 by VMware, Sean has the technical ability, strong communication skills and leadership skills necessary to help you innovate in this new virtual world.

Sean McCown is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008. He is also a SQL Server MVP with over 15 years experience in databases.

Shadow Farrell has been a technical trainer for twenty years. He has worked in the field in enterprise environments such as AIG and Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Farrell holds many certifications from Microsoft as well as CompTIA and other vendors, and has worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for CompUSA, and many other training centers.

Shawn Wildermuth is a twelve-time Microsoft MVP (Data), author of eightbooks and dozens of articles on software development. He is one of the Wilder Minds at

Simon is a senior developer with over 20 years programming experience, particularly covering C++ and the .NET Framework. He believes knowledge is to be shared and has written or co-written more than a dozen books for professional programmers.

Slim Chtourou is a Google Student Ambassador (GSA) advisor and a YouTube Ambassador. He offers training about various Google technologies. As a trainer he strives to deliver IT courses in a way that is understood by everyone and is always looking for ways to make PC experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

Spike has been working in depth with SharePoint since 2007. When he is not teaching SharePoint he is writing books, courseware, blogs, and articles on SharePoint, or implementing it as a consultant. He is the head of the Arizona SharePoint User group that meets monthly. He is in the final stages of writing a new course for SharePoint 2013, as well as his first SharePoint 2013 book.

Stacia Misner is a consultant, instructor, author, mentor, BI Partner for SQLSkills, and principal of Data Inspirations specializing in Microsoft business intelligence technologies for over 10 years. She is a frequent speaker at the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Summit, SQL Server Magazine Connections conferences, and various Microsoft events worldwide.

Stephen Forte is the Chief Strategy Officer of the venture backed company, Telerik, a leading vendor of developer and team productivity tools.

Stephen is a full-time consultant, performing network upgrades, installations, and also training on Microsoft Exchange Server and Lync Server.

Stephen W. Thomas has been working in Technology since 1998 when he started and ran an online e-commerce business. Today, he has a strong focus in Microsoft Technologies, specifically integration using BizTalk Server and Windows Azure. He has been working with BizTalk Server since 2001.

Steve Evans is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Pluralsight Author, and technical Speaker at various industry events.

Steve Michelotti is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and an Architect/Developer for Applied Information Sciences (AIS). He has consulted at where he was the Tech Lead for one of the highest volume .NET applications in the world.

Steve Smith is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Falafel Software, as well as a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, and a frequent speaker at software developer conferences and events.

Ted Pattison is an author, instructor and co-founder of Critical Path Training (, a company dedicated to education on SharePoint technologies.

Terry has over 25 years in the IT industry, working both in the corporate world as well as many years as a consultant. Terry has a passion for honing his craft as a developer, and enjoys sharing his experiences and insights with others.

Thomas is a well-known author, software developer and speaker from Germany. He specializes in XAML-based UI-technologies like WPF, Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone Apps.

Thomas is a UK IT Pro, with over 40 year’s experience in the IT field. He’s presently doing writing, consulting and training around some of the key Microsoft technologies including PowerShell, Lync and Windows Server/client. He’s an MVP in PowerShell.

Tim is the Owner of Creationix. He focuses on building out frameworks, educating the masses, and being an evangelist for the node.js platform.

Tim is a leading expert in the Vim text editor, having written dozens of useful Vim plugins used by tens of thousands worldwide.

Timothy Warner is an IT professional and technical trainer/author based in Nashville, TN. He considers himself as an IT generalist, having experience and interest in most aspects of information technology.

Tod's been programming anything he can get his hands on since 1980 when he accidentally discovered an Apple ][ at Argonne National Labs that begged him to drop his environmental Chemistry research and automate all the lab's data collection processes. He has a particular fondness for programming embedded systems in C++.

Todd is a Lead Developer for Telerik’s Enterprise Services division.

Award-winning author and video instructor Tony Northrup (MCITP, MCPD, MCSE, MCTS, CISSP) has published more than 30 books covering Windows, networking, and Microsoft certification.

Tracey is co-founder of InContext Solutions, a Chicago based leading global supplier of simulated market research. Most of his career has been spent using Microsoft technologies, and lately the Unity 3D game engine which allows him to mix video games with business.

Travis is a senior architect and lifelong developer with a passion for building, leading, and training. A periodic blogger, and local community speaker, Travis mainly focuses on architecture and development patterns in the .NET stack, but has a special place in his heart specifically for web and JavaScript development.

Troy is a Software Architect, Microsoft MVP for Developer Security and ASPInsider. He's a regular conference speaker, frequent blogger at and is the author of the OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers series and the free eBook of the same name.

Troy Kranendonk is an Audio and Visual editor with Pluralsight. He considers himself to be a Pixel Ninja. Troy studied Design Education and loves to innovate the delivery systems of teaching with digital media. Troy is a designer at heart but loves the developer side as well.

Veronica Henry is an experienced technology professional turned freelance technology writer and entrepreneur.

Vinod Kumar has worked with SQL Server extensively since joining the industry over a decade ago. Before joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server for more than 3 years. He now works with MTC as a Technology Architect. He is a well-known speaker at all major Microsoft and third party technical conferences.

Vishwas has been working with Windows Azure for the last four years. As part of his role as CTO of Applied Information Sciences, he has worked on several Azure related projects.

Ward is a Microsoft MVP and the V.P. of Technology at IdeaBlade, makers of the "DevForce" .NET application development product. Ward often obsesses on client technologies for business applications, data access, and development practices.

Wendy Henry is an accomplished technical educator, author, conference presenter and consultant. She has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 1998.

Wes has been building software for over a decade as a consultant. He writes extensively about issues he faces on his blog and enjoys presenting at user groups and code camps.

Xavier is an entrepreneur, project manager, architect, trainer and developer who applies his experience, passion and desire for results with a focus on simplicity and common sense. He works primarily with ASP.Net, iOS, search applications and holds multiple Microsoft and Scrum Alliance Certifications.

Xavier has been on the startup scene for nearly a decade, and is prolific in the open-source community: he is on the bundler core team, an RSpec and Rails contributor, and has over 80 projects on Github. He is currently an Engineering Manager in the Production Engineering group at Square.

Yacine has been involved in the development of database-driven, n-tier web applications for over 10 years. Over time he has taken on various roles, including development, project management, offshore platform management and technical consulting. He has helped build a few solutions for Microsoft North Africa.

Yasser Shohoud is an engineer at Facebook where he helps partners build social apps using the Facebook platform.

Yehuda Katz is a member of the Ember.js, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams; he spends his daytime hours at the startup he founded, Tilde Inc..

Zed is an avid guitar player, programmer, and writer who currently writes books teaching people all over the world how to write software.

Zoiner Tejada is a Windows Azure MVP and the president and chief problem solver at TejadaNET, providing strategic guidance to enterprises and startups leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies from Microsoft.

Zoran has been involved in enterprise applications development for many years already. Most recently, he has focused on long-term maintainability problems in software development, which he has found to be a very demanding field of research.