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Free Courses for Kids

Teaching kids to program

Learn the basics of programming in our first course for kids. This course was designed by Pluralsight authors to teach their own children. Now you can use Visual Studio to teach your own kids to program in C#. In this lesson kids will learn about objects, methods, variables, and for loops in a fun and creative way.

Learning to program with Scratch

Scratch was designed to teach children the basics of programming in a visual way. In a short time, kids can visually grasp the basics of how programming languages work and they can create fun computer games. Scratch teaches the general skills and principles to be successful in just about any programming language, yet it's fun and intuitive.

Learning to build apps with App Inventor

Now kids can create and publish an Android application without writing a line of code. In this course, you'll learn how to use MIT's App Inventor to create four functional apps and learn some basic programming concepts along the way. It's a gentle introduction to programming in a language like Java, and you'll have fun creating real applications as you learn.

Learn to Program: Kodu Kingdom Defense

Kodu lets kids create games using a simple visual programming language. In this course, kids will use Kodu Game Lab to learn how to program a tower defense-style action game that is able to run on both PC and Xbox.

Basic HTML for Kids

In this course, kids will learn the basics of HTML, the publishing language of the web. Step-by-step demos will show them how to build a site, including how to utilize the most common tags used in HTML5.