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Exercise Files

Many of the courses in the Pluralsight library include "exercise files". These exercise files are intended to provide you with the assets you need to create a video-based hands-on experience. With the exercise files, you can follow along with the author and re-create the same solution on your computer. We find this to be even more effective than written lab exercises.

plans that include this feature

  • Monthly Plus
  • Annual Plus

what's included with exercise files

  • The code and other artifacts you see in the course videos
  • The "before" and "after" solutions when applicable
  • PDF's of the slides you see in the course videos (when available) so you can print them and take notes
  • Other helpful resources the author chooses to include (e.g. setup instructions, links to resources, books, etc.)

download instructions

Plus subscribers can download the course slides and exercise files by following these steps:

  1. Browse to the course library and choose the desired course.
  2. Click on the Exercise Files tab
  3. Download and extract the zip file
Exercise files

terms of use

Course slides and exercise files are for your personal use only and may not be shared.
See our terms of use for more details.