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Training that can help you get to the head of the class.
Whatever 'class' that may be.

Are you a teacher/professor looking to provide high quality learning resources for your students?
Are you part of an institution's development or technology team needing training to keep up with the demands of technology?

To prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers, Pluralsight has solutions for:

Universities/Colleges: Differentiate your continuing education, certificates, associates, bachelors or master degrees by partnering with Pluralsight. Pluralsight’s academic solutions are plug and play in your traditional, hybrid and online courses, with flexible plans that meet the needs/demands of higher education.  

Vocational School: Providing career changers with the most current learning resources is as important to Pluralsight as it is to you. With exercise files and assessments, students can test themselves on key concepts and knowledge.   Instructors have the power to assess the knowledge transfer students have attained. With Pluralsight you have the power to leverage over 140 industry experts to help prepare your students for their new future.

K-12: Pluralsight knows that there is no minimum age to become a computer programmer or technologist. Start today by helping your students expand their mind and their interest in technology.  Pluralsight is committed to helping K-12 students be prepared for college and an exciting career.

To learn more, contact our academic team today!