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User Group and Event Sponsorships

You scratch our back, we'll sponsor yours. Give your user group some hardcore developer training from Pluralsight. We make it easy to get started and offer plenty of valuable extras.

User Groups

Here's what you get:

As the user group leader, we'll give you one free Annual subscription to the Pluralsight training library. That's unlimited access to all our training (a $299 value). Not only is it a great personal resource, but if you happen to need a last minute presentation to your user group, you can simply play one of our training sessions.

Now let's help out your user group:

For starters, we will give you up to twenty five (25) free Monthly subscriptions that you can give away in any way you like. Create a contest, Host a raffle. Use one as a way to say thanks to someone. The only thing we ask is that you don't use them all at once, as we won't be able to provide more for at least a full year.

Next, if anyone in your user group is unemployed, simply verify their status with us, and we will offer a free Monthly subscription to help them get back on their feet. Send requests to and copy the unemployed member.

Community Events

Here's what you'll get for your event:

We'll give you 1-3 Annual or Annual Plus subscriptions depending on event size (up to $1,497 value). We may also be able to throw in some cool SWAG if you give us enough notice.

So what's the catch?

All we ask in return is a little back scratching. In other words, a link and a mention. We ask that you list Pluralsight as a sponsor on your website and post our logo. Then all you have to do is fill out the application below. That's it. So sign up today and get your user group or event started on some hardcore developer training.

Step 1: Post our logo on your website. You can download our logo here.

Step 2: Fill out this application.