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About Pluralsight

Meet Pluralsight

We are a group of serious developers. We are also committed to creating the best training available. This mix of training for developers, by developers is what rings true to our customers.

We call it hardcore developer training. You'll know it as superior training that is relevant and pushes all the latest technologies.

What we're all about

When our doors opened in 2004, we had a few goals in mind.

First, to provide the highest quality training possible—which is quite a high benchmark to maintain. To reach this goal, we assembled the best team of authors in the industry. We also created a process where we create high-quality training videos with a consistent look across the company. The result is an unmatched training experience for our customers.

Next we wanted to offer the most relevant and timely content available. Of course, with such a great team of hardcore developers we naturally keep up with the latest trends because it's our passion. To tackle the timely aspect, we set a plan in motion to build a massive online library, stocked with the latest training concepts. Each month, we add around 8 to 10 new training videos to our library - often just as new technology hits the market. From the graph below, you can see how that library is growing exponentially.

We call these goals our big three - high quality, relevant content, and delivered in a timely manner. What this all means for you as a customer is more than simply a solid company delivering on their mission statement. To you it means investing in something bigger. Consider the rate at which we are growing our training library. No other training company can match our pace and relevance. You as a developer have it covered with your Pluralsight subscription.

Of course, at the end of the day, you are the true judge of how we are doing. All we can do is to keep delivering on our mission—every video, every student, every day.

From the classroom to the future

Pluralsight was founded in 2004 as a classroom training company. Our four founders—Aaron Skonnard, Fritz Onion, Keith Brown, and Bill Williams—created a memorable classroom training experience. We would send an instructor out to a business or have them send their employees to a conference to teach all the developer insights we could pack into a few days. Our customers were happy. Our business was successful.

Three years later, we realized there had to be a better solution.

We decided to create something entirely different, but better in almost every way: an online training experience. This shift allowed us to offer high-quality training at a low price point. No longer did companies have to shell out thousands of dollars for a few days of training. Instead, we can offer year-round education, with more insight, at a relaxed pace, at the exact time you need direction—and you can have it for a nominal price of $29 a month.

Since we made our shift, the industry has done the same. Now online training is becoming the norm. There are countless articles on the web that tout the benefits of online training. It’s convenient, cost effective, timely, and successful, to name a few.

At Pluralsight, we can now provide the entire world access to our content and authors anytime and anywhere. Our library is expanding at an exponential rate.

In short, developer training has officially met the future.